CrossFit Injury Prevention

CrossFitters are some of the greatest compensators. For example, when an athlete’s pec muscles become too tight, this will rotate the whole shoulder complex internally and shut down the activation of the scapula along the rib cage. In turn, the rotator cuff muscles, which are designed for specificity, will increase their work output along with the traps and other associated neck muscles. The athlete in you will keep performing until something breaks down.

Yes, exercise is taking care of your body, but you also need to address the muscles, nerves, and joints that are used during movements. You need to take care of the machine that keeps you moving. When your body is not balanced and/or muscles are not firing correctly, this predisposes you to not only poor performance, but injury as well.

Think about your car. You get the oil changed and tires rotated regularly. Why would you not take similar care of your body? Complete Spine Solutions ensures that your body is well balanced, vertebrae are aligned, and muscles are firing correctly, so that you can function optimally, in and out of the gym.

Working with Complete Spine Solutions can help you get more out of your workout. Would you like to:

  • Improve reaction time?
  • Restore muscle range of motion?
  • Decrease pain and recovery time?
  • Increase the amount of weight lifted and reps performed?
  • Achieve greater symmetry in muscle build and performance?
  • Heal from current injuries and prevent future ones?

Our detailed analysis can be the key to unlocking your fitness and health potential. Call for a FREE, no obligation, phone consultation today: (404) POSTURE.


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